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 Best Jade Roller Face Stone Lymphatic Drainage Massage Gua Sha Facial Tool
 Best Jade Roller Face Stone Lymphatic Drainage Massage Gua Sha Facial Tool
 Best Jade Roller Face Stone Lymphatic Drainage Massage Gua Sha Facial Tool
 Best Jade Roller Face Stone Lymphatic Drainage Massage Gua Sha Facial Tool
 Best Jade Roller Face Stone Lymphatic Drainage Massage Gua Sha Facial Tool
 Best Jade Roller Face Stone Lymphatic Drainage Massage Gua Sha Facial Tool
 Best Jade Roller Face Stone Lymphatic Drainage Massage Gua Sha Facial Tool

Jade Roller + Gua Sha Stone Face Massager

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Have you ever wondered how to reduce puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles under your eyes naturally?

Our Anti-Aging Jade Face Roller and Gua Sha is made from 100% Real Jade Stone that will naturally relax and refresh your face while reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles under your eyes. 

What's more? Our Anti-Aging Jade Face Roller and Gua Sha will have your face and skin glowing and feel soothed after each use. Both tools help with blood circulation as you massage your face and neck, reducing puffiness and giving you a refreshed and soothed feeling.

It's a simple and easy solution for all your skin worries. All you need to do is use our Anti-Aging Jade Facial Roller or the Gua Sha once a day, to restore balance and energy back to your skin, for healthier, glowing skin!

When to use Jade Roller vs Gua Sha?

The Jade facial roller is a much more convenient and quick option to stimulating blood flow and draining puffiness when you are in a hurry. While the Gua Sha can go deeper by contouring the face and releasing muscle tension in the face. Both tools compliment each other and both tools have wonderful benefits.


Our Anti-Aging Jade Face Roller and Gua Sha is great for any age!
Whether you are wanting to prevent premature aging, reverse signs of aging, relieve tightness in the neck or face, then this is for you!

Dr. Lllyas, Dermatologist at Montgomery Dermatology says:

"Aging is often the culprit of soft tissue around the eyes collecting fluids, as are allergies, eye makeup irritation, rubbing eyes, and not getting enough sleep. Once that fluid is caught up in the soft tissues around the eyes, it can linger for a long time.

The smaller end of the Jade Face Roller can help gently massage this fluid out of the soft tissue around the eyes without being to harsh as to cause bruising or further irritation.

You Will Be Amazed At All The Incredible Benefits!

  Stimulate collagen production
  Plump fine lines and increase cell turnover time
  Help close and minimize enlarged pores
  Provide relief from tension & migraine headaches when rolled over temples
  Tighten and firm the skin by boosting elastin
  Tone facial muscles for improved elasticity
  Minimize spots caused by toxin buildup

How Does It Work?


Move from the center of the forehead beginning at the hairline, rolling towards the ear, down to the temple. Repeat 4-7 times. Focus attention on fine lines and eyebrow furrow.


Use the small roller to tone the lids and under-eye area. Move from the inner corner of the eye area to the ear.

Nose, Lips, Chin

Use the larger roller to work from the nose out to the ear. Continue with the upper lip, lower lip, and the chin. Roll along the lower jawline of the chin, making your way to the earlobe. Repeat on the the other side.

Jawline and Neck

Start at the chin and sweep upward toward your cheekbones. Make sweeping motions up under the chin towards your ears, then down the neck towards the collar bone.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Actually Works!

This was my first time using a jade roller so I didn't know what to expect. I did half of my face and was blown away by the results. The left side of my face is the one I used the jade roller on. The bags under my eye are a lot less dark and swollen then on my right side, highly highly recommend to anyone! So happy I bought!

Amazing for self care

I'm a stay at home mom of two so I don't have time to go out and get massages or facials. This is a perfect way for me to get some self care in every night. It doesnt take long and feels amazing on my skin. I particularly focus under my eyes to help with tired, baggy eyes. I have noticed a difference and will keep using it everyday.

Worth every penny

I use it after I wash my face, before doing my makeup. I keep it in the refrigerator because I like It cold. I gently roll it over my face and It takes just 5 minutes.
Very soothing. Love it!

Noticeable results

The jade roller was very compact and easy to use. The stone itself was very cool and felt refreshing. After using the roller massager my face felt very relaxed. Within the two weeks of using my skin has felt tighter and less puffy and my fine lines have began to disappear. I will continue to use this product and recommend others to as well.

Promotes all around skin health

1. The product feels solid in your hand. It feels well made.
2. I noticed some reducing of the wrinkles on my forehead.
3. Im noticing my complexion seems a bit clearer. I believe it to be, in part, due to the fact that Im washing my face atleast 4 times a day because you need to wash before and after the using the product. In addition, the board in particular, seems to encourage skin restoration. So. Yay for that.
4. I'm not 100% positive that it is "slimming my jaw line" however, I actually think that over time it will as it appears to break up fat cells.

Over all I really liked it. It feels nice. I will continue to use it.